What are the best football socks on the market? Today, JayMike investigates one of the key areas for every modern footballer – which football socks should I wear? Some might say that football socks don’t matter. That the football sock hype is just a marketing stunt designed to make us buy more stuff! The fact is though, that with the right grip socks like the Trusox, G48 or NikeGrip football sock – you feel more connected to the football boots – there is no slipping around in your new football boots if you got the right socks.

So by now, it must be clear that you need the right football sock – but which football socks should you get? Should you get the traditional grip socks like the Trusox? Or the up and coming player on the market – the G48? Maybe choose one of the traditional football brands like the NikeGrip football sock, the Nike Strike sock or the adidas Tango sock? Watch this video if you want a tour de force in football gear as JayMike dwells into the football sock world.

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