Thigh High Support Stockings Application Demonstration

This video demonstrates how to apply thigh high compression stockings.
To put on Thigh support stockings start by inserting your hand into the stocking as far as the heel. Pinch the heel with your thumb and fingers and pull the top half of the stocking down to turn the stocking inside out.Fold back the edge about 2 cm to help you slip your toes into the front of the stocking. Place hands both sides of the stocking and gently insert your foot into the stocking. Then ease the stocking over your heel. Hold the top of the stocking with both hands and ease the stocking upwards towards ankle and calf. Then smooth out the fabric by grabbing either side of the stocking and gradually pull the stocking upwards in stages towards your knee and thigh. Smooth out the fabric throughout. Pull the toes section forward to ensure that your toes are not restricted.
To help you with the application of the stockings we recommend you use VENOSAN DOT Gloves or Magnide Applicator Aid.

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