Socks Guide For Indian Men | Types Of Socks And When To Wear Them | Socks Fabrics And Rules | Hindi

Well socks are one of the most ignored things in our outfits but if you pay attention on your socks you can instantly look well dressed and a lot better. Every stylish guy pays attention on socks and I want all my brothers to dress better.
In this video you are going to get answers to questions like ” What are different types of socks and when to wear them? ” , ” What are various sock Fabrics? ” , ” How to Match Socks With Shoes? ” , ” What are Sock Rules? “, etc
Do watch the complete video and improve your sock game because improving sock game is easiest and cheapest way of upgrading your style.
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0:00 Introduction
0:21 Types of Socks
0:25 No Show Socks
1:06 Ankle & Quarter Length Socks
1:28 Crew Length Socks
2:22 Over the Calf Socks
2:52 Fabrics
3:24 Rules
3:30 Rule 1
4:11 Rule 2
4:50 Conclusion