Full step by step tutorial to knit these easy cozy slippers. Here’s the full pattern to knit child’s, ladies or men’s size slippers. I have used the ladies size for the video.

My apologies for the spelling error in this video. Spell check changed my Purl to Pearl. For beginner knitters it is spelled Purl.

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Red Heart super saver yarn

Knitted slipper pattern

-scissors to cut yarn
-ruler or measuring tape
-darning or tapestry needle with large eye
– 4.5mm US 7 knitting needles
-2 balls of Red Heart super saver yarn 5oz. Color: Aran Fleck
You can use any worsted weight yarn that you want. Use two strands to make a nice solid slipper that holds its shape

P=Purl stitch
K=Knit stitch
psso= pass slipped stitch over
sts= stitches

Child’s size and the Ladies and Mens sizes are in brackets.

Leave about an 18″ (45.72cm) tail and form a slip knot
Cast on 27 (29-35) sts
Row 1: K9 (9-11), P1, K7 (9-11) P1 ,K9 (9-11)
Row 2: K all sts.
Repeat these 2 rows for 5 (6-8) ins., [12.7(15.24 -20.32)cm] or 2 (2.5 -2.5)ins. [5.08(6.35-6.35)cm] less than desired finished length.

TOE: Start knitting on the right side where you see the knitted ridges
ROW 1: P1, *K1,P1; Repeat from * to end
ROW 2: K1, *P1,K1; Repeat from * to end
Repeat these 2 rows of ribbing for 1.5 (2-2) ins., [3.81(5.08-5.08)cm]

Start on the right side where you see the knitted ridges
FIRST DECREASE ROW: Work ribbing for 7 (7-9) sts, *slip1, K1 and psso, K1, K2 together. *, work 3 (5-7) sts ribbing, repeat between *’s once. Finish row in ribbing. You should have 23 (25-31) sts.
NEXT ROW: Work 7 (7-9) sts ribbing, P3, work 3 (5-7) sts ribbing, P3, and finish row in ribbing.
Work 6 (6-8) sts, *K2 together, K1 slip1, K1, psso*, Work 1 (3-5) sts,. Repeat between *’s once and finish row in ribbing. You should have 19 (21-27) sts.
Measure out about 18″ (45.72cm) and cut wool.

Thread yarn on darning needle and pass this thread through all stitches on the needle and remove off needle as you go. Pull the stitches together. Pass the needle through the first stitch again and now pull tightly so there is no hole showing. Thread through remaining stitches again and secure wool end. Thread through a few stitches and cut yarn.
Turn inside out and use a blanket stitch to sew up toe. Sew about 1″ (2.54cm) past the ribbing of the toe and into the slipper part. Secure wool and cut.
Now sew up the heel with a whip stitch and secure wool end.
Make another slipper the same size.
Yeah! All done.

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