I'm sick of cutting socks, so I made these!

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You asked for more colors of Pure Grip Socks, and we delivered! 7 new colors are available now, along with 9 colors of Pure Sleeves!

Following the same philosophy as Pure Grip Socks, Pure Sleeves are the highest quality possible, for the lowest possible price. We had lots of requests for a full length, knee high version of Pure Grip Socks, but instead we came up with a better, more flexible and more cost effective solution. Pure Sleeves eliminate the need to cut your team socks in order to wear your grip socks in a match. Not only do they come in a variety of colors with very subtle branding, but they also stay in place way better than a traditional knee high sock, don’t require any tape and provide enough tension to help hold your shin guards in place! All for just $9.99 a pair. Pure Sleeves are a professional style sock solution, but at a fraction of the price. Simple. Pure.