iHeartRaves LED Fluffies Legwarmers Fluffy Review [iHeartRaves.com]

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Introducing our brand new line of LED Fluffies! These led fluffies have been crafted by ravers for ravers! Our custom iHR Heart shaped LED lights are the brightest and most dynamic accessory for your fluffies! These iHR LED lights will light up the night! We have created the absolute best fitting and highest quality fluffies using only the highest quality faux-fur! We simply love these high quality fluffies as they are extremely popular for events, gogos and costumes! These fluffies are also always in stock and ready to ship out!

LED Specifications:
Heart shaped lights have 6 blinking modes —
RedGreenBlue (RGB) hyper strobe, RGB slow fade, RGB blend, blinking Red, blinking Green and blinking Blue!
6 lights included in each fluffy. Total of 12 lights.
Lights are removable and can be rearranged to any pattern.
Includes 2 replacement lights and instructions for use.

Fluffies Specifications:
Absolutely the softest faux fur!
Fits all leg sizes with our custom elastic tie method
with hearts on the ends.
Fits very well over shoes or boots. Fluffies are tapered at the end.
Fluffies will stay the perfect fit every time even after many weekends of abuse.
Hearts can be cut off and the elastic can be tucked in for another great look.
IHeartRaves Fluffies are made in the USA and all handmade!