How to Repurpose Old Tights & Cotton Scraps to Create a Face Mask – Eco-friendly DIY

Whether you’re having a hard time finding face masks or simply want to recycle your spring cleaning finds, this tutorial will show you how to DIY a colorful and reusable face mask.

What you’ll need:
1) Tights
2) Cotton fabric
3) Scissors
4) Thread
5) Sewing pins
6) Paper
7) Pencil
8) Pipe cleaner or paper clip

Quick steps:
1) Create or print your desired pattern
2) Pin the pattern to the cotton and cut
3) Use the same pattern to cut the tights
4) Sew the cotton and tights together
5) Create the inner lining with the cotton
6) Sew the lining to the outer portion
7) Create the nose area and sew it in
8) Create the ear loops and sew them in

Follow the step-by-step instructions and start sporting your own colorful creation today!

And if you need advice, have questions, or simply need help getting the perfect face mask fit, our team of colorful professionals is happy to assist you.

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Comment below how you repurpose We Love Colors products to create face masks and other goodies 👇

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