How To Keep Socks Up & Stop Them From Sliding, Sagging, Slipping & Down – No, Not With Sock Stays…

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The second most mentioned pet peeve is how to prevent socks from sliding down.

Why do you want to keep your socks from sliding down?
– Personally, I always hate it when my socks came down my calves because they will bunch on my shoes and it will be uncomfortable walking in them.

– No one really want to see your hairy calves. There is no professional setting where it is okay to wear your dress pants and have your skin showing underneath.

How to stop socks from falling down
1. The most important thing to consider is the length of your socks. If you just have socks that are slightly above the ankle or if you have some that are mid-calf, they will inevitably slide down.

2. The second point is the elastics. Once you have an over the calf sock, you want an elastic that is quite long and quite strong.

3. Even if you have socks that are over the calf and they have the right amount of elastic, they can still slide down if you choose them in the wrong size, particularly if the size is too small. What happens is while you walk, the sock wants to contract and so it pulls down your heel, and once your heel is down everything will come down further on. Most sock companies have only a one size fits it all sock which is terrible and not the right thing because there are feet that are very small and feet that are very big and trying to have the same sock won’t work.

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