How to Darn Tights

Music: Pixelland by Kevin McLeod
Hi YouTube it’s Jambi here!
So nearly two months ago I went out with Katie and she accidentally ripped her tights. I said I would fix them and um well . . . I’m fixing them today. So I thought I’d show you how to do it too.

So these tights are sheer which is unfortunate because it means there will be a visible seam however I can try to make it as unobtrusive as possible. To start with you will need a darning egg or something you can use as a darning egg and some matching coloured thread. Start by sewing around the tear.

Next slowly and carefully co across the tear, being sure to catch the stitches you already did around it.

Then, in a smaller tear sew perpendicular to this. In a larger tear like this one you need to sew close to perpendicular but be careful to not sew stitches that are too large.

Finally apply some clear nail polish or fabric glue to the darning to fortify the garment.

And you’re done! That wasn’t so bad

Jambi out