Easy Leg Warmers 💫 Magic Loop, Continental 💫 Beginner Friendly

How to make easy leg warmers. I will explain how to cast on, how to do knit and purl stitches continental style, and how to cast off. Beginners will be able to follow this tutorial as I show the steps a couple of times and explain all very detailed.
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Time Stamps:
General information 1:17
Written pattern for those who already know how to knit 3:37
Cast on 5:12
Cuff – knit-knit-purl-purl 9:12
How to count rows: 16:35
The middle section, just knit: 17:23
Second cuff: 21:45
Cast off: 26:08

The Sizing: Cast on 44 stitches for XS, 52 for S, 60 for M, 68 for L, 76 for XL, 84 for XXL and 92 for XXXL.
You may need to decrease the number of stitches if you use thicker yarn, increase for thinner yarn.

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