DIY Leg Warmers | How to Make DIY Leg Warmers from Old Socks

Leg warmers – they’re not just for dancers. Whether you love the look of them, or just hate being cold, I bet you’re thinking a pair of DIY leg warmers sounds pretty cozy right now.

As a dancer myself, I wear leg warmers because I discovered the way to bypass my achey post-baby knees is to keep them super toasty.

But I also wear leg warmers when I’m not dancing because, well – they’re kind of cute, no?

Although I do own a few pairs of store-bought leg warmers, I also have several pairs of DIY leg warmers made from old socks. 

If you’d like to learn how to make leg warmers to call your very own, keep reading!

There are two different methods. The first is the super easy no-sew way. The second you can either sew by hand or with a sewing machine if you own one or have access to one.

Check out my how-to video, where I demonstrate both ways to make DIY leg warmers from old socks, or scroll down below for step by step instructions!

DIY Leg Warmers Method 1: Cut and Done

– scissors

1. Cut the heel and toe off a pair of old socks. Try on and adjust as needed. That’s it!

DIY Leg Warmers Method 2: Cut and Sew

– scissors
– pins
– sewing machine or needle
– thread

1. Cut sections out of two pairs of old socks. Make sure to keep the elastic at the top of the socks in tact.

2. Flip the sections inside out and arrange in order. (For example, striped section, solid section, striped section, solid section.)  Keep the portions with the elastic at the top and bottom of the leg warmer.

3. Fold back a small lip around each rim and pin adjacent pieces together.

4. Sew each section, flip back to the outside and voila! Leg warmer paradise.

The great thing about these techniques is – of course – they’re super simple, but also that you can use them on any kind of old sock – even socks for kids. If you want to make DIY leg warmers for toddlers or babies – just use smaller socks!

Hope you found this leg warmers DIY helpful. If so, make sure to check out my other eco-conscious DIYs!

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