CROCHET LEG WARMERS 0-24 months- easy pattern to adjust for adult sizes – BEGINNER CROCHET

Very fun and adorable leg warmers. Easy to follow along no matter your skill level, though you should know the basic slip stitch and single crochet. I go as slow as possible.
Use any yarn you like and any colors. These are easy to adjust to any size, even adults.

Yarn (baby velvet Med. 4) or use any other you like between 4 and 5 I would suggest
hook (for this yarn I used a size 5.5mm
yarn needle
stitch markers or paper clips

These are narrow at the bottom, but you can adjust the pattern by leaving them straight if you want the warmers to put over shoes.

This project was a suggestion from one of my subscribers. Thank you!
Have fun

Cheers crocheters!