Costco Kirkland Merino Wool Outdoor Trail Socks Review | Incredible Value!

When I found out that Costco started selling Merino Wool Socks, I was thrilled, because those socks are very expensive elsewhere and Costco is selling 6 pairs for under $20!

If you haven’t tried those socks before, you should, and once you do, you’ll never want to wear any other socks that are not made of merino wool… Because they are incredible at keeping your feet dry, especially if you have sweaty feet.

Those socks are usually very thick and provide great cushioning however, they usually require a half size larger shoes to accommodate the size increase.

0:00 Intro
0:23 What’s special?
1:12 Unboxing & Value comparison
2:04 Exterior Design/Overview
3:23 Interior Design
4:15 Comparison with my synthetic/cotton socks
5:36 Why should you try it
5:57 The “downside”?
6:39 Proper shoe sizing when using these socks
7:01 Costco cost vs Retail cost
7:36 Make sure to buy correct size
8:22 Fiber contents of this socks
8:38 Conclusion