Adidas Youth Graphic Crew Sock Review

Adidas Youth Graphic Crew Sock:

Adidas Youth Graphic Crew Sock Review: This predominantly polyester sock keeps it pretty simple. Short in length, it has a simple design, coming in a number of simple colors and featuring the recognizable Adidas logo on the sides. It has a ribbed cuff, meaning it stays tightly in place without slipping down, and ClimaLite technology.

This technology means the feet of your child stay both cool and dry, important in enabling them to maximize their skills. The comfortable nature of these socks is particularly important, as youth ballers can be a little more picky about how their socks feel. All these factors create a very solid sock, and of course this quality is reflected in the cost. They are also very durable though, meaning the extra little bit of cash you dish out for these socks will be well and truly worth it.

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