Adidas Womens Cushioned Crew Sock Review

Adidas Womens Cushioned Crew Sock:

Adidas Womens Cushioned Crew Sock Review: One of the best socks out there for women, the Adidas Women’s Cushioned Crew Sock is manufactured predominantly out of polyester. As the name suggests, it is beautifully cushioned around the entire foot, ensuring you feel comfortable while pulling out your best moves. The cushioning also aids the sock in its durability. An important feature of any basketball sock is moisture wicking, which keeps the sweat off your feet, and this sock performs this duty to perfection.

It has a simple but stylish appearance, coming in predominantly white with the Adidas logo on the side available in three different colors, and it is available in a variety of different lengths. Unfortunately, the sock has a drawback, as many reviews complain of the tightness of the cuff.

This is obviously less likely to be an issue for those with thinner legs, and depends on the length of the sock you choose as well, but it certainly has the capacity to annoy some players. If this problem doesn’t bother you though, then this sock is a great choice for women, and fits shoe sizes ranging from 5 through to 10.

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