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720p vs - A Comparison. 720p is pixels displayed across the screen horizontally and 720 pixels down the screen vertically. The main difference between 720p and lies in the number of pixels that make up a 720p image and image.
This is what the "p" in stands for, as opposed to where the "i" stands for interlacing. The 1080 refers to the resolution of the TV set. Its resolution is x pixels, and all the lines of the image are visible at the same time.
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There are other aspects of picture quality, such as contrast and color, that are far more important than resolution. How Plasma Displays Work.. Not all HDTVs and video processors are created equal. How Apple TV Works. Other factors to take into consideration are motion response, color processing, contrast, brightness, and background video, and video scaling.

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That said, if you're buying a new midrange or high-end TV, it will probably be UHD anyway. HDTV , BD , HD DVD , HDV. Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. Best smart home devices. Retrieved from " mercyland.info? LDTV , VCD , HTV. 1080p

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